Quit Smoking is Believing In Yourself

Quit Smoking

Whatever goals you have; you have to do it. I believe that many people suffer from not achieving what they set their minds too. We all need help like people who want to quit smoking. I think if we understand that smoking is an addiction, we can combat it so. If we are not willing to acknowledge that cigarettes have many addictive drugs, then we can hear people yelling in the hospital hallways, “dead man walking.”

Worrying =’s Stress

We have to try to quit smoking before it’s too late. It’s something you have to plant in your mind to get to that level of freedom. You have to learn that it is one day at a time. Do not dwell on the future, because it is not here. Why worry about the future, when the present is all you need. Being in the moment can help you do whatever you want to do in life!

Inspiring Tips 

Start today on your journey of letting those cancer-ridden cigarettes become non-existent. You can do it. I believe in you, and you should believe in yourself. Be conscious of triggers and do not let people know you quit smoking because misery loves company. In other words, the people that smoke will be offering you cigarettes as if they manufacture them!

You are not alone

Finally, you have to keep in mind that others have been down your road before. When you quit smoking, you are not alone. There are others who have to accomplish what you will achieve. That is living a healthy and productive life and not worrying about dying of cancer. Anytime you want to smoke, you should find you a place and pray, meditate, whatever gives you peace. Find it; it’s there, it has always been waiting for you. Patience is an attribute that will set you free. I wish you well through your journey of combating nicotine addiction and remember you are not alone.