Using Quit Smoking Aids and Recognizing the Triggers

So, you decided to use a quit smoking aid to help you finally get rid of that nasty habit. Good for you. Well, I am here to tell you that you need to recognize triggers; that will make you want to light up a cigarette.

Being in the Present

In the morning, before you brush your teeth, you want to light up. Make sure you have a big breakfast and try to go without smoking. If you are vaping or using some nicotine replacement therapy; keep in mind that your body is taken in enough nicotine to avoid any withdrawals (this is contingent on what type of nicotine milligrams you are exposing your body too.)

Behavior Modification 

Second, when you are driving or going to work or school, where ever you are going; the probability of you smoking a cigarette is very high. You need to know that behavior and remodifying is a significant obstacle to overcome when trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Take a different route. Stop at a park for a walk, or stop at a convenience store for some candy. Do something different.

Other interactions like socializing during the night scene are red flags. These types of environments can easily have you smoking cigarettes. Do your best to avoid these types of encounters, especially drinking alcohol. The first weeks of quitting, you should stay away from establishments or gatherings that will have alcohol on site. You will thank me later

Self Examination 

Triggers come in all forms, intimacy, right after a good meal, arguing, stress, and other daily tasks that we have to deal with; will make you want to light up a cancer stick. Keeping this mind will make you recognize these types of events. You will be ready when dealing with these regular facets of life.

I always inform people that the best way is to quit cold turkey, but many of us need help. That is why I recommend quit smoking aids. When you get to this mindset; you have already won because you have it your mind and heart to stop. And that makes you a winner in my book!