Don’t Quit, Just Decrease Smoking


As I stand on the cemented sidewalk trying to sell my nicotine replacement products; the sentiments from the people are somewhat disturbing. I approach my potential customers, and they do not want to quit smoking. Crazy as it sounds, but that is what many smokers are afraid of–quitting.

Here is my suggestion; don’t quit smoking. How about you decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke. You don’t have to let them go in its entirety. You can just cut down. That is all I am asking you to do. Decreasing the number of cigarette consumption will make you feel a little bit healthier and feel better about yourself. You will see the difference in your life. I guaranteed it.

Obstacles That Face Us

Life is full of hardships. I know, being a failure at so many things myself. And I am still failing; however, I am not afraid of succeeding. We just got to get up and fight another day. That is all we can do. Why quit, when you can try to fight through it. I know it’s hard, especially in Chicago, when things are looking grim for people in the south and west side of Chicago. Murders every day, taxes are high, no jobs, and finally no schools for our children. Can someone bring in the National Guard, please? Screw you Trump for not doing anything, and screw you Obama for ignoring Chicago for eight years (your home city).

You Don’t Got it Bad

Children are dying of famine, people displace from their homelands, and finally, there are diseases that our doctors want to give us human-made drugs (doctors, there are still natural remedies-oh forgot you cannot make profits of holistic alternatives.) The world is messed up, so what do we do, raise the white flag and surrender, or fight like the Warriors we are. Fight for equality, learn how to say no to the conventional norms that corporate America has promoted for the last 50 years (i.e., like have your lunch delivered through a fast food window).

Future Goals

Next time you want to quit something, make sure you are ready. Please, prepare for the betterment of yourself. You need the tools to make it happen.  Whatever you desire to accomplish; be prepared for battle. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. It’s not, that is what I am here to tell you, that life can be demanding, it’s okay to lose battles, but don’t lose the war.

Think about this; I have been promoting Nico Rub products for two years now, I only have sold at least 20 bottles, so far. So should I quit? Or should I keep on sailing in uncharted waters?