Does Vaping Bother You?

Vaping Dream

My family thought I was crazy for making e-liquid juice at home. The first time I thought about making my product; I fell in love with the idea. Vaping is a real innovation. The fact is that addiction to cigarettes is an easy road. I quit smoking cigarettes for six months, after twelve years of inhaling carbon monoxide.

New Product with Potential

Being nicotine free was taken a toll on my mind. It is essential to realize that nicotine will always call you. I needed that habit back of holding something to smoke. I kicked the habit of nicotine; however, I never master the science of remodifying the behavior of holding a cigarette.

Making the best of the situation; as a seasoned retailer at my establishment, I decided to carry electronic cigarettes. New products to sell to my current customer base allowed me to experiment. I found myself educating my customers about this innovation in the markets. Vaping devices.

How I Fell in Love

Every time a customer inquired about the electronic device sitting in the showcase, I had to show them how to use it. I got in the habit of vaping, and I liked it. It was an opportunity to show people that you can get your nicotine supplement from this healthier alternative called vaping.

Unthoughtfullness of Priorities

I was constantly doing research; coupled with a drive to build a business within a business. I wanted so much to sell vaping devices and e-liquids; that I forgot that I was running a cellphone and clothing store. Doing business in the south side of Chicago, and being the pioneer in introducing the vaping industry to the “hood”; was creating an optimistic brick and mortar environment.

Uncle Sam Destroys Small Businesses

Consequently, with the regulations looming and moreover corrupt taxes imposing in the Chicago metropolitan area; had merchants and consumers steering away from electronic cigarettes. It was detrimental to its growth and scaling abilities. I believe this revolutionary product could help people quit smoking, and it has. The problem stemmed from government and its lobbyists (i.e., Big Tobacco, Big Pharma).

The City of Chicago retrograded back to its primitive Al Capone era. It seemed that the vaping industry was going underground, heading to the graveyard. Consumers could not find a real vaping product store anywhere in the south and west side of Chicago.

The spirit of vaping was combating with punishing regulations from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The new guidelines will stunt the vital growth in this must-have industry. We need to provide these products to anyone that wants to purchase them. And we need to give access to impoverished communities that are suffering from nicotine addiction.