Cigarettes are Expensive!

Here is a typical scenario; you walk into a convenience store. Then you proceed to the checkout counter. You request from the clerk a branded pack of cigarettes. The clerk say’s “13.50” and you are contemplating your addiction and your bottom line.

You Are Not Alone

The world we live in today has many options for us smokers. There are vaping products, patches, gum, and other nicotine replacement therapies that have helped millions of smokers cut down or quit smoking. We have to take the first step to freedom, and that requires willpower. In other words, this involves some form of suffering to get to the top.

Theory Of Addiction

Think about it, why is that in impoverished neighborhoods there are “merchants” selling loose cigarettes; because they know that selling “untaxed” cigarettes in singles is lucrative. Selling whole packs of cigarettes that have cook county stamps is expensive. The game plan is to keep people addicted to cigarettes by offering an underground economy; like the loose cigarette industry. Criminal justice makes money by making poor people buy single or “loose” cigarettes and arrested them for buying or selling. Isn’t this entrapment?

Vaping industry has not impacted the more impoverished communities of America. Why is that? The reason is price, people; it’s the bottom line. People with a fixed income, decide between spending a dollar for two cigarettes or trying to spend between 20 to 40 dollars on a vaping device with liquids. It’s why poor people choose to stick to buying cigarettes on a single basis, due to what they can afford.

I know that by having people buying loose cigarettes every day; they are paying more for smokes. However, people of low economic status do not think about tomorrow; they are living in the present—their reality [sic].

You Can Afford It, Right?

That is why you are still reading this blog on cancer sticks and why they are expensive. I propose we try cutting down, instead of smoking a pack, try smoking half of a pack — all things done in moderation can help decrease our nicotine addictions. A smokeless world is better than a polluted environment.

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