Vacation Equals More Smoking

Lake Michigan

Just recently, my family and I got away to St. Joseph, Michigan. What a beautiful place to spend time with loved ones. The problem is that my family members were smoking like a chimney. I could not figure out why people; specifically in my inner circle were smoking so much on vacation.

Smart Phone Keeps Me Smoking

Here is an observation: we worry about our world that we have left. I think it’s hard not too, but when you are on vacation—turn off that phone and live a little. It’s not hard to turn the power off. And it’s not difficult to get up and take a walk; especially when all you see is light beige sand, coupled with a massive lake — a place where time stands still.

Different Lands Makes A Different You

Vacation time is the best opportunity to quit those vices. Being in a different environment helps to remodify our behavior. So, take full advantage of the precious time of being duty-free (excluding parents). A foreign place can bring out different behaviors, like not smoking a cigarette.

Don’t be concern about the world you live in; trust me the world is not distress about you. We should all seize the moment to better ourselves. Vacation time is a time to rejuvenate ourselves; it’s a time for reflection. It’s not a time to torment ourselves about things we need to attain too. We can take care of business when we get back home. Just leave your problems where they are and have some damn fun. (Are still reading this, you should be in the water somewhere?)

Vacation is a time to spend with your loved ones. If you don’t have the time to spend with the people that care about you the most, maybe you should ask yourself if you care about them (ouch).

Leave, I Will Still Have a Good Time

We had a great time for my family and me. My wife’s immediate family (i.e., three sisters and mother),  left prematurely. We planned this vacation seven months ago, and everyone that left stated that they had “work to take care of.” Ironically, a majority of the individuals that left early were all smokers. I wanted to comfort them by persuading them to stop worrying and stay. Feelings of despondency and uncertainties cause anxiety, and we all know what happens when things get under our skin. WE SMOKE.

Maybe, some repercussions are waiting for me after I publish this blog. Screw it, my writing is therapeutic and keeping my feelings inside makes me want to smoke a cigarette. I need a Rub. Nico, where you at?