My Chest Hurts!

The Pain of Smoking

Wake up in the morning are your lungs bothering you? I know, I have had the same physical symptoms. My chest used to hurt. Our bodies are telling us something; it’s telling us to stop what we are doing. Or cut down because of damaging of the lungs cannot take it anymore.

We found ourselves on the court playing sports, and we are huffing and puffing like it’s our last day on earth. How about walking up a flight of stairs, talking about being out of shape. God, what did we do to ourselves? We cannot physically pound our chest in victory; due to the fact, we are inhaling carbon monoxide internally. Chemicals in a cigarette are what is killing our hearts and lungs.

Our Ideal Self 

We planned to start exercising, but the energy is not there. We are weak, we are lethargic, and the pain has taken over. That is what cigarettes can do to you. It causes death! The day I woke up and my chest was bothering me, I decided to take action. I choose to love myself and my family more. A healthier you is a healthier family all around.


Playing sports is not a problem for me. The belief of kicking anyone’s ass [sic] can be conceived; if you cut down on smoking. However, we should not go around advertising this. We don’t want to get in trouble, and the probability of going to jail can take place when you want to act like Rocky. My point is that once you cut down or quit smoking, you will find so much energy. It’s like you injected new life into your bloodstream.

The present and future are looking better, we just have to go through the motions of withdrawals. There are many nicotine replacement therapies (NRT’s) out there. Try some, we all need help. Remember, it is alright to lose some battles, but do not lose the war. One day at a time, keep the faith and believe in yourself!

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