Gun smoke and the NRA (Not Real Americans).

Bullets Destroys Innocence

Latest news of a 9-year-old murder from gun violence has me contemplating the madness in our cities. Last night, a father driving his SUV on the east side of Chicago with his son; the SUV approached by another vehicle. The culprits from the other car starting firing their guns at the SUV. After the gun smoke disappears; the father lives; unfortunately, the innocent life of his son did not have the same fate.

No God!

These are times that I want to smoke a cigarette; I want to punch the shit out of somebody. These are the moments; I asked GOD why? Where is your mercy, where is your just, where is the compassionate you have in a world full of nomads? Agonistic feelings are roaming my mind and heart.

Not Real Americans (NRA)

National Rifle Association (NRA), I would like to thank you for promoting the 2nd Amendment. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to protect our families. Your fight to protect the 2nd Amendment allows psychopaths to carry guns. The truth of the matter is; until we eliminate the 2nd Amendment—we will never stop gun violence. Keep loading your weapon; the world knows we need more gun smoke.

Close to Home

Think about that boy lying in the cold hospital room—breathless. Think about if that child was your own. Or if that child was your grandson or your nephew. How would you feel? The adage goes for all the gun enthusiasts; if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Guns Kills Communities

Gun smoke is kryptonite to our economy. Gun violence hurts communities; it hurts small businesses; it hurts children. Gandhi said, “Eye for an eye; makes the world blind.” We are blind to the point that we cannot accept the fact that we are wrong. Wrong about guns, we take the wrong methodology in protecting our families. We are in a new century; there are plenty of innovative products and services that can protect our families. We don’t need guns in our country. It starts with each and every one of us. We need to put our guns down and terminate them. I need a rub.