Smoking Makes Me Stink

Smoking Causes Clothes and Breath to Smell Awful 

Don’t you hate after you smoke a cigarette you have to go back to work; or in class and you smell? Smoking makes me stink too and I have the remedy for our problem. See, I like you— I love smoking. And I need nicotine just like you do. But I do not want to smell like shit—post
smoking episode.

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Many times I was very uncomfortable in social gatherings; because I smoke. The stigma that surrounds smokers is sometimes unbearable. We (smoking community) have been downsized to third class citizens. Smokers have to go out in the brutal winter storms or extremely hot summer days, to get our nicotine fix. We have designated areas to smoke that average 500 feet from where we work. Well aware of the detrimental effects of second-hand smoke. But Damn, can we get a place inside of public facilities? 

Future Is Looking Bright

Here is what I recommend in the context of nicotine replacement therapies. There are many, vaping is great, the Nicoderm patch is okay, but it makes me feel dizzy. And other products that Big Pharma is offering, stay away from. Unless you love side-effects.

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                 Quit Smoking Movement

And then there is Nico Rub, which I invented and its different scented body oils with the right amount of nicotine strength to get you through your demanding day.

Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

How can you go wrong? You get the nicotine that your body and mind is calling you for. You do not have to go through withdrawals and you get to smell wonderful. It’s a step towards eliminating that foul odor we have after finishing a cigarette.

Nicorub offers us nicotine and scented body oil to hold us down while we are in informal and formal gatherings. I am not asking you to quit, all am saying is that Nico Rub can give you nicotine; while we are in odd places like school, work, and maybe a date. Try it out, or your money back guaranteed.





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