Smoking Fewer Cigarettes; When Life Is Good.

Postive Change

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Smoking fewer cigarettes could be a goal that you would want to accomplish.Your life is going well, maybe you just won the lottery. Yeah, you don’t have to work ever in the real world. The reality is that; statistics show that people have a higher probability of going into detox centers or dying after winning the jackpot.

Babies Make Us Look Good

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We might smoke less when we just finished college; no more sleepless nights—studying. The problems are that; the majority of us will have debt, that we will never pay back. Or you just got married to the only sane person who would say “Yes” to you. Or a new baby enters your world and the baby does not look like the father. Many wonderful things can get you to cut down on smoking. The future is looking bright.

Bad Company

We tend to smoke more when we are under stress. We smoke more when we are consuming cold urine, I mean beer [sic]. Individuals smoke more cigarettes when they are bored out of our minds. In my life, losers make me smoke more. People who get under my skin, I want to tell them, “Go screw yourselves and leave me the hell alone.” But they keep on coming back and I keep on smoking.

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I learn that staying away from people that do not benefit me; make me smoke fewer cigarettes. It took me 40 years to figure out that people who are not bringing anything to the table, needed to leave my world alone. I am not an aggressor, but don’t push me. Vote for Green Party next time.

Keep It Simple

In essence, a typical scenario could be that you broke up with your significant other, and you are smoking fewer cigarettes. Please, by all means, do not get back with that person. Go and explore the world, live a little. Spend some money, let me take that back, don’t spend any money. Spending money makes more bills, and that causes us to smoke more. I need a rub.



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