Products to Use Fewer Cigarettes, Drink More Alcohol at Parties

What Happen To My Gang?

Are we missing those days of hanging out with the guys? Just kicking it with the fellows; were memorable moments in my life. We never thought about adding products to use fewer cigarettes. We were young and dumb. Smoking and drinking were part of our culture; even though the majority of us came from religious households.

Those glory days of partying, loud music, the freedom we exercise, the camaraderie.  Ahh, what I will do to get those days back, I miss you. The retro of the past has been calling me. Is it possible we can have one more night? Just one more night.

Life Goes On

Time changes, people go on with their lives; people finish school. We start businesses, and we start families. We are all byproducts of our society.

Some people choose to stay in the fast line of consuming vices that are detrimental to their growth. Some people have negative experiences (i.e., PTSD) that keep their addictions alive. Judging them is only counterproductive. Understanding people and always telling them, I will be there when you are ready for a change; has a more positive impact on their lives. You have to trust me on this.

Losing My Religion

My mother used always to remind me that God is watching us. And I am ashamed to say that my relationship with the creator has not been strong. The questions of God being into existence has dawned on me. Cigarettes, keyboard, loneliness, and my inner demons are my new association. The suppression of questioning my beliefs is on a high.

We have to look at self and make self better—to change our community. It starts with us. We want people to change, but we are not willing to change ourselves. Michael Jackson, sang it best, “I am starting with the man in the mirror.”

Products to Use Fewer Cigarettes

The truth of the matter is that alcohol makes smokers—smoke more. The reality is that water and abundance of it; is an essential product to use fewer cigarettes. This process of drinking more water flushes the numerous human-made chemicals that live in our bodies. Let’s start replacing cold beers with cold water. Let’s start replacing cigarettes with nicotine replacement therapies (NRT’s).

Also, we should take our negative views of the world and replace them with favorable aspects of the world. Stop looking down on yourself, and start sending positive messages to your subconscious. Change is waiting for us; we have to be willing to let go of history.

I need a rub.