Is Weed Going to Destroy Big Companies

Weed: The Super Plant

Is weed the right alternative to smoking? Is it the Achilles heel to big tobacco and Big Pharma? We will see the answer when the people (not the government) decide to legalize it for good. Other drugs like cigarettes have produced cancer by inhaling carbon monoxide and other chemicals. Is the marijuana revolution upon us, is it ready to explode to create a significant impact in our history?

Marijuana is a natural plant, not made by human beings. It has many remedies within its DNA that humans can use to heal. Yes, it sounds like I am a proponent for weed. I used to be a critic; nevertheless, I realize that marijuana can heal the world.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What Are You Going To Do?

Ponder for a moment why legalizing marijuana would be a bad situation for our country. For instance, in Illinois, can you imagine how many companies would lose so much revenue; like Liquor, beer, tobacco manufacturers. Pharmaceuticals conglomerates would stand to lose a big chunk of their sales because consumers will finally have free will in their decision making.

Uncle Sam would worry about all those taxes that legal drugs generate. Don’t worry Uncle Sam, the government can tax the weed sales. Look at Denver; they are making millions in tax revenue.

The criminal justice system(CRJ) would suffer a tremendous blow. At least 50 percent of drug crimes are weed arrests. Can you imagine fewer police officers, criminal lawyers, and judges? I can. Would that ever happen in the City of Chicago? Probably not. We need crime because CRJ provides jobs to all those people who dedicated their lives to criminalizing people of color and poor white people that live in the “ghettos” of America.

Creating Jobs

Colorado’s economy is booming from the weed industry.  Millions of tax dollars are flowing to the government and jobs opportunities are increasing. This “green sector” is creating vibrant and safer communities. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

The average consumer would always prefer to take a natural product that would produce a natural high. In contrast to getting under the influence of a chemical induced drug like alcohol or tobacco. Why are you still reading this blog? Next time, decline the human-made products and set your mind for something natural. Think Green!