Unhappy Americans and Where Are We Heading? (Part 1)

Capitalist Drugs and Dirty Streets

My recent trip to Denver Colorado was an eye opener. Its seems that Denver is saturated with many liquor stores. Chicago’s urban areas (south and west side) is saturated with liquor establishments as well. Nevertheless, Denver really advertises its liquor retail outlets.

Majority of the outer surfaces of the businesses look outdated. In addition, too many signs with brands and sale prices to get people to consume alcohol. Sidewalks were a bit dirtier; it gave me that impression that I was back in the South Side of Chicago.

Unhappy Americans are suffering from addictions. It could be hard drugs, it could be alcohol, but we need sociological studies conducted in parts of areas that are depleting. Intervention is key to making changes to bring back strong families. Destroying our environments with consumerism; will destroy many dreams for many Americans that we all can benefit from. Together we stand, divided we fall.

Reaganomics = Unhappy Americans 

Many people suffering from mental diseases are not drug addicts. However, majority of people place this stigma on people struggling with mental health disorders.  Their are many reasons why people are financially and mentally unstable. It can evolve from drug usage, lack of good paying jobs, mental health issues, and resources that are limited.

Posted by Don Myles on Sunday, September 10, 2017

This photo is from Don Miles who helps aid homeless people. Please note, this a sign posted under a bridge where Chicago homeless people sleep. 

It pains me to see how children born into poverty, single parent homes, and living in violent prone communities. And we except them to compete with middle class children and children that live in affluent areas. Impoverish children and their parents need extra programs, better and safer neighborhoods, and adequate schools.

Super Max Contracts for Teachers

We punish are teachers with the low wages and reward athletes with millions? Teachers need to be paid six figures! In fact, taxpayer monies goes twenty times more to defense aid, than education. Thereupon, US Societies are going to be a military state; rather than enlighten state. We are retrograding. in order for our Nation to be the best example, we all must succeed. Utilitarianism theory states: the greatest good for the greatest number.

Our economy is struggling folks and yes there are companies progressing and providing vital jobs that we need.  However, majority of unhappy Americans are suffering from the lack of good paying jobs. The necessity for innovation and creativity must be our focal point.

The world needs thinkers; a vital component to survival and tranquility among the human family. And this our demise. If we choose to have classes that struggle with financial independence; coupled with a small population controlling all the resources—capitalism will only flourish for the few.

We need as a society to promote more programs and aid (i.e., governmental loans) to start new small businesses. This is the answer to many of the dilemmas that we face as a nation.

Job growth only comes through creativity and innovation. Taxes that benefit the rich, need to applied to small businesses as well. We cannot tax small business and expect our economy to grow. Over 80 percent of our jobs come from small businesses. We need to provide incentives for small businesses to say, “We will take the chance again America, we will reinvest!”


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