Unhappy Americans Under the Trump’s Eye

Trump, taking them away or bringing them back?

Mr. President, there are many unhappy Americans. We need more work that can provide a meaningful life to all. We have many abandoned homes in the midwest. How about job creation programs that train people how to renovate stressed properties? You are a guru in the real estate market; please use your expertise in restoring the homes that are in despair.

Sociology of Sports

Lets pivot here, you promised job creation, and now you want to slander the National Football League (NFL), a sports enterprise. NFL does have their flaws, in the context of taxes. The NFL has the same status tax structure as a not-for-profit organization. And we put professional athletes in harm’s way. The science community is learning about the effects of football injuries and how it has many correlations with mental and physical disabilities.

Mr. President Trump, focus on building bridges and creating a strong economy. We all have rights to our personal views of race, but your job is to represent all of us. Here is your chance, like my aunt said, “seize the moment” and make progress.

Many Americans can be put to work if we offer more incentives to small businesses. Here is a suggestion, why not lower the interest rates for small businesses to buy supplies and build new companies? How about spending money on people, instead of putting them in jail? Why not give that money that we provide to private prison companies to house inmates; and redirect to educational programs (e.g., trade schools)?

Why not make these unhappy Americans, back to being happy again? Happy and joy is good for the heart, the mind, and soul. How about teaching people how to be innovative, what about telling future small investors that their government is their safety net, in case they fail. We bailed out WallStreet and the Big 3 in car manufacturing. How about helping the small people? Taxpayers will foot the bill for training. Let’s begin conducting pilot studies and finding what is useful and what’s not.

Downfalls to Growth =’s Unhappy Americans

For us, the people facing the mirrors, we need to change as well. Lottery, liquor products, casinos, and other vices are just destroying our economy. By supporting these establishments; our spending behaviors will make our future look bleak. We are hurting our bottom line and our mental and physical health.

We need responsible Americans to think outside the box, to start being risk-takers. Yes brother and sisters, stick your necks out on the line and take a chance, live the American dream. We are all innovators, we can all recognize problems, and we all have solutions for them. Believing in yourself is the first step to success!

There has to be a better way; I believe there is. For instance, a person wants to open a shoe store. The new owner should have a right to establish and receive any shoe line that is doing business in America. Let’s assume that person applies for Nike shoe line “merchant account.” That person should receive that Nike account, and if he or she does not, Nike has to pay fines for “unfair opportunity act” awarded to new start-ups.

It is justifiable that new businesses have access to major shoe lines, clothing lines, mobile services, whatever the merchants decide to offer their end-user (i.e., consumers). Now, if corporations are denying the small business owners access to products and services, then it should be fair that the corporations penalized for not allowing other small business to collaborate and grow.

What happened to “Free Market” principles. The existing market place rules favor corporations; adding to the division between the rich and poor. Mr. President Trump, is that your intent?