NBC’s Chicago P.D. Promoting Terrorism

Future Terrorism

Terrorism, who are the real culprits? And I want to say congratulations to the Arab American who got an acting spot on Chicago P.D. The actor receives a role to play a “terrorist”; who sets off a bomb in a public gathering. The depiction does not pay tribute to the many Arab Americans who are law-abiding citizens and TAXPAYERS!

NBC, a public station

NBC let their directors play this narrative showing that there are some decent Arab Americans. For instance, the officer who could not stand the fact that he was part of the plot; he ends up committing suicide. He was a villain and hero in the same script.

Preach Hate To a Small City of Oak Lawn, Illinois

To add injury to insult, one of the investigators finds a clue that the terrorist is station out of Oak Lawn, Illinois. The show was not only provocative, but it informs residents of the southwest suburb to be on the lookout for any suspicious activities. Especially, people of Middle-Eastern descent.

We Americans should condemn NBC for allowing this subject materials to air on public television. Also, these short stories feed off a false premise that Arabs and other minorities are here to hurt America.

NBC’s propaganda only causes harm. Chicago P.D. writers want to incite violence and destruction. In their defense, they would argue that this is their First Amendment right. The use of the 1st Amendment comes with responsibility. Ooh enlighten ones, I cannot run into a movie theater and yell out fire. The probability of going to jail is high, and I am Arab, guaranteed to be in handcuffs during questioning.

Multi-Cultural Society, Oak Lawn

There are no terrorists that live in Oak Lawn, Illinois. The only terrorist I’ve come to watch and see are the tyrants that wage war on innocent countries around the world (i.e., illegal invasion of Iraq, the destruction of Afghanistan, the coup d etat of Muammar Gaddafi). Oak Lawn is diverse, and we live in peace. White, Brown, Black, we are learning that we are all humans. You can learn a thing or two and how to treat your neighbor here in the southwest of Chicago.

Who profits from terrorism? It seems NBC and other networks have an abundance of information about terrorism. Maybe the ones are setting off the bombs. The real weaponry that they all have vested interest. Media is always pushing for more wars. Major media coverage latest targets are Venezuela, Iran, and North Korea. After all, they do not capitalize unless there are horrific incidents around the world! I need a Rub.

What do you think?