Smoking in front of Children. A Big No-No.

Learned Behavior And Constant Exposure

Go ahead light up, there is no one important you have to worry about. Smoking in front of children; that’s just life, right? Or is it? Could it be that the cycle of addictions comes from the very hands that give us love? We listen to our music, not knowing that there are little ears listening too. Anger sometimes falls upon us and we react negatively to it. Not acknowledging that small eyes are watching, as well.

Smoking in front of Children

Pretending that the world and its mass space belongs to us. The role models that brought us up, the good and bad. Did the influence come from our peers and guardians? Was it okay to find a pack a cigarettes laying around, where little fingers can touch?

Lighters, 4 for a Dollar!

The devices of fire planted, adding another layer to the furniture.  As if they were decor for the trim burgundy wood, with the cylinder glass shape inserts, that created our coffee tables. Yeah, I love smoking a cigarette while drinking my black coffee too.


Trying to avoid sugar and cream, it seems corporate America is doing a find job at supply and demand. Sugar taxes got more attention then campaign finance reform, our epidemic with the lack of gun control, and finally racism is okay if its coupled with tolerance. It’s easy to smoke when despondency is flourishing.

Cigarettes, Love Me More

Smoking is teaching. Smoking breeds conversation, it promotes socialists. It makes people ponder, it gives pressured people a chance to relax and unwind. A cigarette can sometimes be magic. We are roaring with tension within, then the carbon monoxide hits the lungs. The nicotine is heading straight to the war room, that we have created. Nicotine is telling us to exercise diplomacy, patience is the key. I sometimes wonder, maybe Trump should smoke a cigarette or two. Lord knows he needs them.

Could it be that the cycle of addictions comes from the very hands that give us love?

There is no ” I ” in Team

Addictions among the brethren, only can be solved through a team conscious. A collective effort, sharing our experiences, to relieve the regrets that are eating our hearts away. Maybe, they are the cause of our hair falling from our scalp. I don’t know, these are the life changes that we go through, if we are fortunate; and make the right decisions. Be mindful of the big and little people, because they are watching. Maybe, they are looking to you for guidance and serenity.

By the way, don’t forget to give our love ones attention, maybe the same attention that we give to social media platforms and smart phones. On a lighter note; over half of million people die from smoking each year.Smoke on that statistic; before we become data; adding to another power point presentation, given by students of knowledge. Please, share with people you know who smoke cigarettes. The struggle for independence continues.

 I need a rub.