I hate my job, that is why I Smoke.

Work and No Life

Why I hate my job (i.e., retail)?  Is it due to the fact that it makes me feel like a robot? Is that the real reason why we decide to light up; we despise our meaningless work? Its not the traffic, nor the studying we have to do, its our careers or place of employment.

Smokers smoke more because of what their work entails. Some are fortunate to have their “dream jobs”. And the majority of us have to struggle and do what we have to do; to make ends meet.

               Wrong side of Capitalism

A capitalistic society creates economic classes. The concept of classism is not hardly ever mentioned in the media. Classism creates economic divisions. The rich, middle, and poor classes fight to hold on to their positions.

In our lovely City of Chicago, we have segregation. What does this have to do with us smoking cigarettes, while on the clock? I am glad you ask.This system is designed to be this way. It’s setup for certain segments of our populations to be in certain manufacturing and service industries.

Ponder For a Moment…

Intentions are not to sound antisemitic. Why do the Jews control the majority of the banks? Some Middle Easterners want fast cash by selling liquor and loose cigarettes in the black metropolis. Why do different Asian ethnic groups own majority of the manufacturing sectors? Look at the Latino populations, they are providing the work force that deals with interior and exteriors of our homes and small businesses that are stationed in the United States. White people commit white collar crimes that cost tax payers billions of dollars each new fiscal year. This is not happenstance!

Force Work Force

People of all races are destine for a specific street or lane, if I may. We do not choose are destiny. We can only alter it at minor levels. Yes, we have doctors, lawyers, and other professionals that contribute to our society. However, majority of us are put in our places.

In other words, we do not choose our work paths, instead we are push into a conveyor that takes us to our destination.We are packaged goods heading to serve our masters!

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By Graham Peebles

The powers that be. Where do we point the finger at? We work hard and stay optimistic. While there are billionaires who need more billions to hoard. We are constantly thinking about our finances, while the elite are thinking about how to steal and destroy mother earth!

Activism begins with US

One Step to revolutionizing our country; support small businesses of America. A progressive change that will benefit us and the future generations. I know you hate your job, but save enough money to open your own business. At least you have say-so in what your future holds.

Next time you take a cigarette out to question your existence and your fate; remember, Its not your fault. The politicians and their lobbyists are the true enemies to equality and justice.

I need a Rub. Nico.


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