We are getting older and we are still smoking.

Wrestling With Nicotine

The days of getting rid of cigarettes for good has been a long journey. Smoking cigarettes are like drinking coffee; we do certain behaviors out of habit. Work-related, family problems and health issues make us want to smoke. The world was not supposed to be this way. Was it? We work long hours, we try to support our families and yet it seems we come up short.

Nicotine is Close

Light up it again; cigarettes was my best friend. Its been with me for a very long time. Growing up in a big city like Chicago, we always were exposed to vices in the streets. Cigarettes were rampant in my community. You smoke because it was the cool thing to do. You joined cliques out of wanting to be part of something. Trying to earn respect and be treated fairly was the ultimate goal.

We are learning from our parents. Many times I see parents smoke in front of their children. A big “No, No.” Please stop it if you are one of the parents smoking where children are around. STOP. That is an unfortunate characteristic to have. Children are part of the world, they are part of society, and they are part of a community.  Children learn from us.  We have bad habits of smoking; we should not teach that. Let’s stop the nicotine chain of enslavement by starting with us.

Minorities Must Work Harder for the American Dream

Our families here in the United States were first migrants. We are the first generation to live our whole lives in one country. Our parents worked hard to provide for us. They did not have any schooling as many minorities parents have experienced. Many foreigners come from third world countries; where resources for schools are limited, a severe disadvantage. Under these conditions, people learn bad habits, because it’s how we cope with problems. Cigarettes are drugs that people use to relieve the stress that we face every day.  If there was no access to cigarettes; then the stats on people smoking would be a whole lot less.

Setting the Bar

It is essential to understand that our histories and environments are what makes us. We do things that evolve out of culture and neighborhood surroundings. We learn habits from our parents, siblings, and friends. Our schools mold us to capabilities that taxpayers have enriched the institutions of higher learning. In other words, lower property taxes equals lower school performances. Are expectations our due to what programs receive funding in our schools. Limited programs put restrictions on our communities across America. The less we pay, the less we learn in our communities. That is not fair! Here is a suggestion, why not decrease military spending and take that money and put it in education.


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