Look to self and community to Change


Community is a strong concept when everyone is involved. We should have concerns with issues that are revolving around our cities. Government officials are hand selected to keep the status quo. We need to take control of our destinies. Write our history. Yes, there are plenty of government institutions that are supposed to be set to aid and assist the people in their life struggles. We need environments that would make it viable for people to make the right choices. Then people will overcome any obstacles that have deters us from a progressive climate.

Cess Pool of Power Grabbing

If we are going to look at one person and state the “system is not fair because who they nominate for Supreme Court Justice;” then we have failed. The whole system riddled with corruption; when an institution thrives of criminalizing its citizens. The criminal justice system creates a division between the haves and have nots — money, and power over human beings. Democrats and Republicans are guilty of abusing power for their gain.  Remember the crime bill of 1994?

Small Changes leads us to Victory

We need to stop the lottery.  Limit sales of alcohol consumption.  Decrease the times that we allocate for sporting events. We need to be conscious of our community. We need to dismantle our guns.  Invest in yourselves. Start a small business and create jobs. Even if its in the ghetto. Working for corporate America is why the system of wealth distribution is unbalanced.

Unhealthiest People in the World.

Look at the food we consume. Corporate America (i.e., fast food chains, pharmaceutical companies) want us unhealthy and running back and forth to the emergency room.  A reality check is that we need to stop consuming so much food before its too late. Or maybe we have arrived at the tipping point (I don’t know).

Parts of America are flourishing. Other locales like the inner black and brown cities are dying.  No jobs, inadequate schools, and not enough programs for youth to be part of, then society complains that we are lethargic. Counterproductive to argue that we do not want to live healthy lives when our communities are red light districts.

Something Strange

Why all the foreign aid to foreign countries. Allocation of tax dollars should stay in America.  We do not have free universal health care, and yet we give our tax dollars to foreign countries. It’s wrong to support other countries, when we are failing to help our own: America, the land of the free, the home of the braves. Being brave means speaking the truth, and being free means combating the powers that be.

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