Throwing out the Cigarette, Scene 1

Academia Landscape 

There was I finishing my cigarette and who approach my space was Dr. Peters, a sociologist. It dawns on me that people with higher education; still can fall within the cracks of nicotine addiction.

If the professor starts delving into deep science, I will want another cigarette. “Hello professor, what are you up too?”Just taking a break from the world of institutions and groups,” the professor replied.”How is that we are privileged and we call ourselves a just society?” I argued.”Everything is structured for us to follow. Humans are born with a clean slate, ready to be programmed.” Professor added.

Curiosity Killed the Cat 

I wonder if we followed a script; are we truly free? We go to work Monday through Friday, weekends off. We watch TV, spend time on our smartphones. When do we seek beneficial knowledge?

And I was thinking about another cigarette. Why not? I thought about that. How are lives can be directed in a precarious lane? I posited, “Limited resources distributed among impoverish classes sets the life expectancy. In other words, polarization is the notorious clash between the haves and have nots. Yes, some rich people smoke cigarettes, but I believe the poorer you are, the more likely you would succumb to nicotine cigarettes.”

“We learn from our environment; we are a product of our surroundings, we feed our brains with the images that are viewed constantly in the respected communities that we live in.” Professed reminded me.

“Professor, you too deep. Maybe that cigarette got you light-headed.”

“You can take a child (race-less) and put them in the ghetto, and you can take the same child and put them in an affluent community. The chances are the child part of the rich class will succeed versus the child that is born with little or no resources.” replied the professor.

Give Me More or Give Me Death 

I threw away my cigarette. I decided to light up another cigarette. Professor knew about economics, and I wanted to hear more while pumping carbon monoxide through my lungs. He knew the plot of the majority of the human population was contingent on access to wealth, or access to capital. Professor flicks his cigarette and said, “I will see you in class.”

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