Smoke a Cigarette or Play with a Refugee Cat

Challenges of Routine 

Every day we face daily stress, which makes us want to smoke a cigarette. When we are not in stressful situations; we are not thinking about nicotine. It’s already in our bloodstream. Our jaded work can keep us miserable. We need to find an alternative to happiness, find meaningful employment. It does not have to be a monetary gain  (i.e., planting seeds can be a stress reliever; having a cat is fun).  Smoke a cigarette or play with a fur ball. The choice is yours. 

Cats can help with stress.

The smell, seeing people light a cigarette triggers our minds to remind us of our bad habits. How can we fight our urge; when Big Tobacco footprint is in our society? A subconscious war, consumers, are attacked by magazine ads, billboards, movies, tv shows, music, and social media. How can we win this battle when everything is against us?

Inner Spirit 

Mind over matter.  We have to dig deep within ourselves to this incipient behavior; that makes us want to smoke.  It’s not an easy task, but by digging within ourselves, we will find the will power; which all of us have. We have to be bigger than habit. Do something else. Go for a walk, do some pushups, open a book.  Changing bad habits will set us free.


Then it happens again; life becomes unbearable at times. If we are living in the states; we must count our blessings. Look at the world around us. Do we not live in a dichotomy? Think about the Syrian refugees. They are migrating to different European countries. The circumstances of being foreigners in a foreign land are dire. ? No homes, no identity, they are strangers in countries that do not want them. Think about people who have lost everything from natural disasters here in the United States. They are living in shelter tents; provided by organizations (such as government bodies and not-for-profits).

Rebuild Syria 

“While the United States resettles more refugees and asylum seekers than any other country in the world, it has resettled just under 3,000 Syrians since 2011, according to the Refugee Processing Center, an organization operated by the U.S. Department of State.” (Liang Pan-2016).  The real America is a place where we welcome asylum seekers; we welcome people who are fleeing countries that are inhumane. Opening our doors for diversity will make America great again. New ideas and new cultures create innovation; which will fuel our economy. 

                                                       The Naysayers 

Why the challenges, why the heartaches? I call on God and country to help me.  I am an American who understands that all human beings want to live a life of serenity. The people around the world seeking asylum are test for you and I. Jesus cared for the orphans. Let’s all start implement the way of Jesus! Sorry to get off topic. Back to us and why we should NOT to smoke a cigarette. 

Constant, Consistency, and the fight to better ourselves…

It’s a mental battle, every day we are on the frontline fighting a war of self, which we can’t see. In the end, it all comes down to changing habits. We need to take different routes to work. We need to change our daily activities. Less T.V., more physical actions, get going on things that make you better as a person. We should NOT worry about anything that is NOT in our control. Why bother? Live free, live simple, and keep a smile on your face. Everything is going to be alright. Go for that workout and breathe. 

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