Time For Healing, No More Bloodshed, Please!

The X Family

Our world, we are one, we are family, even though we are strangers; even though we are not the same color, gender, and religion; it’s time for healing. We are one because we all want to live a happy life; the world is our home. There are enough resources for everyone to live in peace.

We all strive for success. Can we start learning to help one another? Can we stop and reflect how we have made planet earth a nightmare for millions? Let’s forget about borders, nationalism, currency, and war. We are the most advanced species in our world, and we have succumbed to destruction. Profits first, climate last, and our government only helps humans if they keep on complaining (i.e., Puerto Rico). Rich and poor people need to live in harmony. Puerto Rico is still in need of essential things like water, electricity, food and finally the most vital component; LOVE.

Simple Gestures

Let’s start doing the little things in life. How about smiling to an unknown. How about we all learn about other cultures. Why judge, when all a person is to us is another bystander, or even worst, “not like us.” We can learn from children, watch different genders, races, playing at the parks. Small adults do not have any color barriers. Hate is a characteristic that a child learns through their environment. For instance, someone had to tell a black child to hate a white child at some point their lives.

People teach children in Palestine / Israel that you must hate the opposing side, that they are out to kill you. The peace seeds have not yet receive water for growth. I am talking about the history dating back to 1948. Bring the walls that are invisible and visible down (i.e., apartheid wall). Live as one, Jews, Arabs, Christians, and non-religious groups. Destroy the arms, and lets put our weapons down on all sides. Let’s start living life without FEAR.

World Economies

Struggling is a way of life for many millions around the world. Chinese day laborers work like robots. Sweatshops still exist, where hard-working people make only ten dollars from sunup to sundown. In Jordan Amman, a person making one thousand dollars a month can live a very comfortable life. In New York City, people making a thousand dollars month are homeless. The world is unbalanced; we need real changes. Innovation is a must.

We are very fortunate to be in the states. Lets us be the model to show how to expand commerce, build bridges, creating joint ventures that benefit the world. Our planet belongs to all of us, not the selected few!

People do not mind working hard if there is meaning to it. If there is affordable pay with some significant benefits. Let us share and grow together. Find people that want to be part of your company and give them a piece of the action. Growth only comes from the people doing the work.


Love will set us free. Patience, tolerance, education, can create a world of serenity. The dream for all of us to be in environments that breed progressive ideas. A vibrant community, adequate schooling, and finally a place we can call home. All walks of life would choose this route if they knew that it would take them to the promised land. I need a rub.


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