Smoking in front of Children. A Big No-No.

  Learned Behavior And Constant Exposure Go ahead light up, there is no one important you have to worry about. Smoking in front of children; that’s just life, right? Or is it? Could it be that the cycle of addictions comes from the very hands that give us love? We listen to our music, not […]

NBC's Chicago P.D. Promoting Terrorism

Future Terrorism Congratulations to the Arab American who got an acting spot on Chicago P.D. The actor receive a role to play a “terrorist”; who sets off a bomb in a public gathering. The depiction does not pay tribute to the many Arab Americans who are law-abiding citizens and TAXPAYERS! NBC, a public station NBC let […]

Unhappy Americans Under the Trump's Eye

Trump, taking them away or bringing them back? Retrieved from 09-27-2017 Mr. President there are many unhappy Americans. We need more work that can provide a meaningful life to all. We have many abandoned homes in the Midwest. How about job creation programs that train people how to renovate stressed properties? You are a guru […]

Unhappy Americans and Where Are We Heading? (Part 1)

Capitalist Drugs and Dirty Streets My recent trip to Denver Colorado was an eye opener. Its seems that Denver is saturated with many liquor stores. Chicago’s urban areas (south and west side) is saturated with liquor establishments as well. Nevertheless, Denver really advertises its liquor retail outlets. Majority of the outer surfaces of the businesses look […]

Is Weed Going to Destroy Big Companies

Weed: The Super Plant Is weed the true alternative to smoking? Is it the Achilles heel to big tobacco and Big Pharma? We will see the answer when the people (not the government) decide to legalize it for good. Other drugs like cigarettes; have produced cancer by inhaling carbon monoxide and a thousand other chemicals. Is the marijuana revolution upon […]

Products to Use Fewer Cigarettes, Drink More Alcohol at Parties

What Happen To My Gang? Missing those days of hanging out with the guys. Just kicking it with the fellows; were memorable moments in my life. We never thought about adding products to use fewer cigarettes. We were young and dumb. Smoking and drinking were part of our culture; even though the majority of us […]

Smoking Fewer Cigarettes; When Life Is Good.

Postive Change Smoking fewer cigarettes could be a goal that you would want to accomplish.Your life is going well, maybe you just won the lottery. Yeah, you don’t have to work ever in the real world. The reality is that; statistics show that people have a higher probability of going into detox centers or dying after winning […]